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B2 GROUP - Εγγύηση γνησιότητας & επιστροφής χρημάτων

Disney Princess 10 Inch 18 cm Girls Fixed Gear White/Pink

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Color: White,Pink
Frame height

Volare Disney Princess children's bike The Volare Disney Princess is a small children's bike for cool girls. The girl's bike is equipped with side wheels and has a push bar through which parents can send their child. General specifications: Color: white / pink Gender: girls Material frame: steel Rim material: plastic Wheel size: 10 inches Frame size: 18 cm Stem: fixed Seatpost resilient: no Fork suspension spring: no Gears: none Weight: approx. 8 kg Specifications brakes: Type of front brake: none Type of rear brake: pedal (reversing forward) Accessories accessories: Chain guard: closed Side wheels: yes, removable Bicycle basket: yes Content: 1 Children's bike 1 Push rod